Advanced Guitar Video Course


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Ever wondered what makes a guitarist tick? After taking this advanced course, you?ll go from amateur to all-star, learning industry secrets and hidden tricks of the trade along the way.

Learn the way hit songs are created: Study the methods behind songwriting, composing, and learn the quick secrets to writing a hit song in no time. From chords to intricate fingerwork, you?ll be all set.

Learn the best chords used in hit songs: Many songs only have three chords, and very minimal additional work. Then, there are other anthems with intricate chord switching and play styles – we?re going to teach you all of them.

Play in a band and jam with other people: If you?ve ever wanted to jam with a band, now?s your chance – it all starts with lessons, and building up the confidence in your play style to bring it out to play.

Increase speed: Getting the right rhythm down, speed between chord progression, and general strumming speed all need work. With our exercises, you?ll be mastering them in no time.

Change from chord to chord with maximum speed and minimum movement: Chord progression is critical – it can?t be overlooked. There are ways to reduce ringing, scraping noises, and create a cleaner sound.

Write your own songs: Don?t just cover your favorite songs – write your own. Strike-off on your own path, and bring out that inner rockstar you?ve always had tucked away.

Learn the correct way to avoid bad habits: Learning guitar the wrong way could be absolutely catastrophic to your progress. Learn the right way, and correct bad habits before they form.

Online Guitar Courses for Advanced Players

Pronto Guitar offers a variety of online guitar video courses for any level guitarist and will not only teach you foundational skills but also strategies that advanced guitarists use for better playing. Gain easy access to your award-winning teacher through your online advanced video courses. If you are looking for a more personal experience and one on one lessons with Vince Lauria click here to explore a variety of music lessons to enhance your skills.