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Adjust a guitar strap: You need to be at the optimal comfort level, but also, at the right angle to play. We?re going to cover everything about your guitar strap, and then some.

Warm up: Even the greats have to pick up and warm up before they can take the stage. We?ll show you the proper warm-up technique to enhance your play.

Reduce finger pain so you can practice more: Finger pain and calluses are part of the game, but you should be able to develop them without being sensitive enough that you can?t play anymore.

Play chords without your hand becoming fatigued: You don?t want to stress your hand – let us show you the right way to play chords so you can avoid aches and pains.

Properly tune the guitar with an electronic tuner: Electronic tuners are vastly important. Let?s discuss standard tuning, and how to use the tuner to find your preferred style.

Understand BPM: BPM, or beats per minute, dictate song flow and style. Let?s delve into that and talk about why it?s so important, and how it helps keep you in rhythm.

Learn the what, why, and where of string groups: You begin to break away from the beginner, and into the intermediate with this one. String groups are going to help with song composure, and overall playing.

Online Guitar Courses for Beginners

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