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Playing Guitar

Yes, absolutely! As long as you're old enough to hold a guitar comfortably, then you can learn to play!
At Pronto Guitar, we don't like to place a timeline on education. Each student is different, therefore it varies. We'd rather you take your time and focus on technique and master it rather than rush through it. You'll be a better guitar player in the long run. So just go at your own pace.
Yes. But what makes Prontoguitar so much better is you learn the actual techniques, riff's and tricks guitarist use to create songs!
Then in time not only do you learn songs much, much faster but you will understand where the songs come from.


The beauty of Pronto Guitar is that you can learn with THE BEST at your own pace, in your own home. It's much more affordable than using an instructor and you won't feel rushed.
Once you're logged in, you simply head over to the courses in main menu and select where to begin. We recommend everyone start with the First Course and make your way from there. Some users may be more advanced, therefore they can skip ahead.
Just head on over to the membership plans and purchase another one. At Pronto Guitar, we don't like recurring charges, therefore when your time limit ends, just make another purchase.
We hate to see you go, but you don't have to worry about it. Your membership ends according to the plan you chose. You don't have to do anything at all... as it never renews. All of our plans are time limited.

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Introducing Pronto Guitar, a simple, quick, and effective way to finally learn the correct way to play your guitar. Our first get acquainted lesson is yours for no charge.


to learn how to play guitar.
I hope you agree that this is as good as it gets!