Introduction To Guitar

Thanks for your interest in Pronto Guitar. ?Please enjoy this complimentary video from our Learning Guitar series. ?This is the first video in the series and covers the following information:

  • Parts of the guitar
  • Which pick to use
  • How to hold the pick
  • String and number names
  • How to warm up
  • How to tune your guitar using an electronic tuner
  • How to properly hold the guitar
  • How to adjust the strap
  • The importance of using a foot stool
  • How to warm up
  • How to use pick to pick strings
  • How to count eighth notes
  • Learning your first chord E power chord
  • Learning A power chord
  • Playing the E and A power chords 16 times
  • How to understand and read a basic music Internet chart!
  • Why and how to play with the metronome
[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/193815478″ align=”center”]